mobile advertising billboard

At Your Fleet Media, we see trucks as mobile advertising billboards.

Your Fleet Media. Experts in Brand Strategic Truck Advertising.

We also recognise a distinction between what we call “logo-branding” and effective brand strategy.

Currently servicing over 700 trucks of all shapes and sizes, we turn fleets into a cost-effective, valued resource that produces bottom line results.

Your Fleet Media offers a completely national service including print/production & installation of truck signs, project management, marketing and agency consultancy.

As Australia’s exclusive supplier of Traxx™ and partnered with truck sign installers in over 90 locations, we are a ‘best in class’ supplier meeting all your truck signage needs.

Our Objective

Enable you to implement a media program using your own dedicated media channel for:

  • Seasonal advertising
  • Tactical promotions
  • New product launches
  • Corporate brand messaging
  • Co-op branding with suppliers (revenue generation)

Turn a depreciating asset into a profit center.

Provide supreme flexibility and a cost-effective, logistically friendly means to keep your message fresh and current.

Our Process 3

Your Fleet Media – Making Truck Signage Simple:

Quick Change Truck Signage Solutions

  1. Quote – Based on photos and approximate dimensions provided by you.
  2. Measure – Our installer visits your premises to measure your trucks and assess your worksite.
  3. Produce – Based on our installer’s specs, we produce all materials.
  4. Install – Installation onsite, at your premises means zero operational impact.
  5. Repeat – Whenever you like.

Every step of the way, our project team will liaise with your fleet and site staff to ensure a seamless operation.

Q: How does the installation process work for ‘first time’ trucks?

In two phases:

  1. Installation of frame.
  2. Installation of “skins” (truck signage), 24 hours later.

Our Installers

  • We have a network of accredited installers in all metro and selected regional markets.
  • Installers work to install truck signage onsite in teams of 2 to 3.
  • We currently have approximately 60 teams nationwide.
  • A 2-man team can change truck signage on a small truck (both sides) in under 15 minutes.
  • We can easily change 6-10 trucks per team per day (depending on your availability).

“OurSpace” – Web Platform

We have developed a smartphone responsive, cloud-based management platform called “Our Space” delivering to our clients unprecedented control over truck signage campaigns. Implementation and fleet management are streamlined for staff and suppliers.

Operational Health & Safety

Customer convenience is of the utmost importance to Your Fleet Media, hence why we are happy to work at the customer’s premises.

To date, we have experienced zero injuries or incidents and will do everything in our control to keep a ‘zero record’.

A high level of safety and control on all sites can only be achieved with the understanding and co-operation of all parties involved.

Our installers are responsible for ensuring that they identify, assess and control all operational risks and hazards.

All that we ask of our customers is to assist in making the workplace safe wherever reasonably requested.