Traxx Framing System

Traxx framing system

Now installed on over 19,000 trucks globally.

Your Fleet Media. Traxx Framing System. Revolutionary Signage System.

Traxx framing system is a revolutionary range of signage systems that enable vans, trucks or trailers to be utilised as mobile billboards.

This globally patented framing system is designed to make changing graphics quick and easy, allowing us to change truck graphics in as little as 15 minutes.

This rapid turnaround means companies can keep their brand message fresh, up to date and consistent with their broader media mix, without disrupting fleet operations.

Traxx technology is unrivalled for efficiency and ease of use. The key benchmark attributes such as adjustability, tension, weight, dimension and corners are all best-in-class.

Put simply, our products are lighter, slimmer, simpler and as such faster than anything else on the market.

Traxx Products

Trailers, trucks, vans, refuse and recycling vehicles…Traxx has a framing product to suit all.

The portfolio of products includes Europe’s biggest selling truck frame system, SideTraxx that has outsold all of its combined competition by almost 20-1 and is currently in use on more than 15,000 trucks worldwide.


Europe’s leading truck framing system. Given the choice, more than 90% of all Fleet Managers, Procurement and Marketing Departments have chosen this system over our competition since its introduction in 2007.

Using the Traxx patented truck frame technology, our SideTraxx product has up to 84mm of adjustment allowing ripple free, drum-like tension display of a campaign banner.

No part of the system is screwed or riveted and therefore the vehicle warranty is not affected. Add to this that SideTraxx is the lightest, slimmest and most environmentally credentialed framing system available, and you begin to see why it is the biggest seller!


TraxxCurve has been designed to fit vehicles with a curved body shape. For example, refuse collection vehicles and tankers, but still offers the unique Traxx benefit, of changing a vehicle’s message in a few minutes.

Traxx Framing System<


Specifically designed for flush rears or ‘Swiss backs’, our BackTraxx system utilises an eco-friendly panel.

Bubble Board is an industry leading, ground breaking, eco-friendly substrate that is proven to have a reduced impact on the environment. Combine this with Traxx technology and you have the answer to the media industry’s ecological quick-change brief that requires up to 500 adverts to be posted in one night.

All of our products are patented and independently tested by the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) to the highest possible standard and with the harsh transport environment in mind.