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If your company has a fleet of trucks, whether they are owned, leased or contracted, you might as well consider them your own dedicated media channel.

And because you own the space, your truck advertising campaigns come with zero media cost; just print and installation.

However, without a means to quickly change your truck signs, it is logistically impossible to launch campaigns en mass…and on time.

With Traxx™, you can run truck advertising campaigns whenever you like. Change monthly, quarterly, yearly. It’s entirely up to you.

Having this creative flexibility finally allows you to reach an audience in the millions…with more than just your logo!

As customers continue to consume media differently, become time poor and more complacent to mainstream media, mobile billboards simply go where you need them and when you need them, fast.

Benefits of Traxx™

  • You no longer stuck with the same generic message (logo) over the life of the vehicle/s.
  • Run high impact mobile billboard campaigns as frequently as you wish.
  • Use your fleet as the outdoor media component in the marketing mix.
  • Total control over campaign implementation, timing and geographical coverage.
  • Generate revenue through co-op branding with suppliers.
  • Capitalise on a depreciating asset, delivering valuable space.
  • Engage an audience in the millions with more than just your logo.

Did you know..?peak-hour

According to the ABS, there are 18.8 million registered motor vehicles in Australia.

These vehicles travelled an estimated total of 249,512 million kilometres in Australia, with an average 13,716 kilometres per vehicle.

With over 70% of the Australian population commuting by car, the audience for fleet media is growing, therefore increasing the visibility of your brand message.

Truck Advertising Campaign Life Cycle (‘diminishing return’)

Truck Advertising

Truck Advertising Campaign

Like all other media (no matter how creative), campaign effectiveness eventually declines as the same audience is exposed to the same message.

Whilst a high impact creative generates a considerable response initially, after a period of 3-6 months the audience response rate eventually declines…proving the need to keep the message fresh.

Engaging with audiences today is becoming increasingly difficult. With truck advertising campaigns, you have the ability to invite people to look up and engage with their surroundings. You have an opportunity to captivate and talk to your audience in a cost effective way. Especially if you own the space!