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Mobile Billboards Advertising

You gotta keep moving…

At Your Fleet Media we see trucks as mobile billboards. We also recognise they are an asset which needs to be on the road, earning you money. So we’ve become experts at changing truck graphics, fast!

Every journey your trucks make is an mobile advertising opportunity and marketers recognise the value of branding them. Our truck signage system makes this possible.

If you own or operate trucks carrying big brands, converting your fleet to Traxx™ allows marketers to capitalise on these assets, launching fleet media campaigns with zero operational disruption.

Change truck signage in under 15 minutes…onsite.

We install truck graphics at your site, practically while you load, so you no longer have to route vehicles through third party workshops.

All of a sudden your trucks become a moving, dynamic, high definition billboard, used for transit advertising campaigns with zero hassle.

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